Microcement Floors + Walls

Microcement Flooring and Wall Finishes

At an average of just three millimetres thick microcement Ideal Work® Microtopping® could be the solution you’re looking for. Microcement offers a durable finish similar to wood floors and can be used for floors, walls, fireplaces, showers, decks, counters, backsplashes, hood fans, and furniture pieces as well.

Ideal Work® Microtopping® is installed in a continuous application, and because it can be applied over gyprock, concrete, tile or wood subfloors, and stairs Ideal Work® Microtopping® it is great for new residential construction, commercial spaces, and renovations.

Microcement is unique for the fact that the product has great expansion and contraction characteristics and is applied at roughly 3mm. Since microcement can be applied over many different surfaces (that need to be structurally sound) this eliminates the need for costly and messy demolition.

Ideal Work® Microtopping® can also be installed over heated floors, making it a great addition for any living space and bathroom.

Ideal Works has a number of products that offer a variety of finishes.

Ideal Works “Architop” which is a cream polish.

Ideal Works “Lixio” which is a terrazzo finish.

Ideal Works “Rasico” which is another hand trowelled finish.

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