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Lime Plaster has been around for many years and used all around the world. The Egyptians used it to plaster the Pyramids, the Greeks used it on the Parthenon and many other historical structures, while the Romans incorportated lime into mortars and many decorative features throughout there iconic structures.

It was not until the Renasaince period in the 15th century where Artisans in Venice developed a product called Marmorino that this material took off. They created numerous amounts of techniques and finishes using Lime Plaster that can still be desirable in today’s modern style.

Aside from the ability to create unique finishes with lime plaster. This natural material also has benefits to offer you and your home besides its decorative and bespoke finishes. Lime Plaster has the ability to absorb moisture out of the air and help keep your environment more comfortable. This also helps the prevention of condensation and mold growth. With its natural characteristics this product offers a zero carbon footprint for those who appreciate using green products in their home.

Although this product was used in ancient times. The development in the Lime Plaster products and its endless finishes are still relevant today.

There are several different products that are created with Lime Plaster:

Classic Venetian Plaster is made up several materials such as lime and fine marble dust this creates a distressed mirror polished look. Although tinted to one colour different shades are created with the trowel and burnishing process. The final look delivers an elegant mirror finish, as well brings depth and the appearnace of texture due to its multiple applications. Classic Venetian Plaster is perfect for halls, walls, and looks amazing on ceiling for a seamless appearance. With its mirror finish it also makes a room feel brighter and larger.

Intonachino. This material comes in three different grades of aggregates from fine, medium, and course. This offers a semi gloss as well matte finish depeneding on the amount of compression to the product. This material can offers numerous textures with pitting, reveals of the previous coats, and or smooth finish. A more traditional look that many are familiar with is a Tuscan style. But this material can also be used to create a simplistic finish,two tone looks, aswell as the looks of concrete or stone. Intonachino is the perfect product to use through out the home. It can also to create many different finishes for your fireplace. Another widely popular finish is to create panels with the intonachino and to add reveals similar to poured concrete panels. Intonachino is the perfect product to bring elegance and texture into your home.

Among Classic Ventetian Plaster and intonachino. There are a number of different products such as Takalekt, Carrara Marmorino, and Roma Travertino. Each of these Lime Plaster products provides different finishes,a purposes, and application for your home or commercial space.

Commercial spaces are taking advantage of these products and the numerous benefits and style that can be created without the added structural construction, labour, and material expenses. Lime plaster can be applied in almost any area for an interior space. The application of Lime Plaster can range from 1/16 to 1/8 inch. This means that there is no load bearing or weight restrictions to where it can be applied. Some of the more popular uses of Lime Plaster in commercial areas are on walls behind reception desks to create a feature wall, lobbies or reception areas, feature walls, and hallways.

Home owners have been using Lime Plaster to create one of a kind Fire Places, Dining areas, Living rooms, hallways, ceilings, bathrooms, and even Showers. Complimented with the ability to keep humidity low and the prevention of condensation and mold. Lime Plaster offers a green and natural product with a zero carbon footprint.

Valley Stonescapes would be happy to provide a free consultation to help with your decision to incorporate Lime Plaster into your home or commercial space. We can also help you decide on the finish that would work with your style and space. We will also provide you with a sample to make sure your finish is the right one you are looking to achieve.

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