Epoxy Flooring

High Performance Flooring for your Concrete Surfaces

Epoxy Flooring can be used for both hard wearing functional applications and for durable, decorative purposes.

They are well suited to warehouse, shop floors and can be used as a decorative finish on floors in reception areas, foyers, garages and basements. With a wide range of colours, styles, and performances. Epoxies and other types of Coatings are a good choice for many customers.


Epoxy Flooring will not break down if exposed to gasoline, motor oil and many other chemicals.

Epoxies are resistant to foot traffic and tire wear.

Epoxy Floors are also easy to care for. Their smooth surface makes them easy to clean. Spills can be mopped up easily since they do not penetrate into the epoxy damaging the floor surface.

If properly installed, a Coating will provide many years of useful service.

Cracks are filled and then when the Epoxy Flooring is applied, the result is a smooth uniform finish on the floor.

Epoxy Coatings are great for Garage Floors, Basements, Warehouses, Industrial Buildngs, and Commercial Spaces.

Polished Concrete Floor

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More About Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring have been around for many years, They have been used residentially for decorative concrete floors as well for High Traffic Commercial and Industrial work places.

There is not just one option when deciding if a Concrete Coating is right for your floor. We will help with your decision as there are many factors to consider. Using the wrong coating can lead to a failure which typically involves removing the coating to start over. One of the most important parts of any Concrete Coating is the prep work. A Coating is only as good as the surface it will be bonding to. If the concrete is not mechanically ground or prepared properly this will lead to a insufficient bond which will eventually lead to blistering and delamination.

Valley Stonescapes has the experience in providing customers with a variety of different Epoxy Flooring.

Garage Floor Flake Finish:

One of the more popular uses of epoxy today are Flake Finishes for Garage Floors. They are extremely durable and can handle car and forklift traffic. They have high chemical and stain resistance. The Flake Finish systems offer many different colours of flakes that can be used. When installing a Flake Finish on your garage floor it is not always best to use Epoxy. Other forms of Coating that require Flexibility, UV Stability, or Chemical Resistance may be more suitable. The final product will still appear the same but will have a higher performance and durability.

Concrete Floor Clear Coat:

Commercial or Residential concrete floors can also benefit and look great with a Clear Coat or Polyaspartic Coating. They offer high durability and strength that can handle the foot traffic, provides low maintenance, and is stain and chemical resistant. Although it is not a True Polished Concrete Floor it has similar characteristics and can be very appealing to people. In a commercial or industrial setting such as a wine making facility a polyaspartic clear coat will provide superior stain and chemical resistance. Anti slip additives can also be applied for floor that will be wet and where slipping can occur.


It is also possible to install Coatings on Sundecks that have wood sub-floors. This product involves using a flexible undercoat that will Waterproof your Sundeck and can be carried up on the Wall to contain the water either from rain, snow, or cleaning. This Coating can also handle the harsh weather and be able to expand and contract without tearing, drying out, or delaminating. This product comes with several Solid Colour or Flake Finish options. The final clear coat is UV stable and is very durable.

As the Epoxy Flooring industry continues to Grow and improve the materials used. Valley Stonescapes will continue to provide customers with Honest Solutions for your Epoxy Floors. If you are located in Kelowna or the Okanagan and are considering an Epoxy Floor, Garage Floor Coating, or a Sundeck Coating we would be happy to help!

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